Why Public Speaking is an Essential Skill

Public speaking is one of the most underrated skills any professional can invest in. Although you might not be in the kind of role that pushes you into public speaking, knowing how to leverage your communication skills to boost your career is crucial if you want to advance through the business world and make an impact no matter where you are in your current career. From delivering meeting updates succinctly to putting the best face on your company, knowing how to address a crowd isn’t just for the extroverts and go-getters.

Posted on: Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Here’s why public speaking is an essential skill.

1) Easier to convince

How many times have you been in a situation where there is a lot of confusion over what you need to do? Whether it’s about approaching a new client or understanding where your business is going, a good public speaker commands attention from the people around them, and it’s all because of confidence. Confident people with something to say are easy for an audience to listen to, and it helps build trust not just in your brand, but also in your personal expertise.

2) Increased efficiency

When you have more than one solution to a problem, a big chunk of your time is spent trying to see which solution of the ones you have available is good for you, which can take a lot of time if you have a lot of equally passionate people. A good public speaker, however, can listen to all the arguments being made and propose a solution much faster, speeding up your work schedule exponentially.

3) Better sales outcome

Salespeople who are also excellent public speakers can sell anything to anyone, but even if you’re not a salesperson, and you’re working behind the scenes in an organisation, it’s good to have the skills necessary to convince your co-workers they should listen to you, especially if it’s in an area where opinions are many and tempers run high. Having one person that others can turn to for an opinion is crucial to provide a unified front.

4) Improved leadership skills

Chances are, if you’re a good public speaker, you’ve been unanimously appointed the leader role more than once or twice, and that’s a good thing. Being an excellent public speaker helps to improve your own personal leadership skills, which can come in handy for career progression. The trick to being a good leader? Knowing when to listen.

5) Excellent critical thinking skills

It isn’t just knowing when to talk and when to listen; public speaking skills also help you boost your own critical thinking skills, making it easier to hold your own in both a personal and a work environment. As your debating skills improve, so will your confidence, which will in turn continue to improve your critical thinking skills: win-win-win!

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