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At StreetHR we can help you with your HR function no matter how established it is. We can either help small companies get their systems up and running, and their staff trained or assist busy in-house teams to get the support they need on specific HR projects.

Projects that help you take a leap forward

We can take on both short-term or long-term project work ranging from small to large. Our support is adapted to your specific needs.

Our goal is to make sure you get a solid return on your investment. We use our in-house as well as external experts and leave no stone unturned to make sure you get the outcomes you set out to achieve.

We can support various HR functions and customise along the way too.

You can benefit from funds when working with StreetHR on the below projects, contact us for more information.

Performance Management

We take a close look at how this area supports your overall goals and strategy. We work with you to create a clear vision and direction and help you identify your underlying strategy and core values. Our broad definition of Performance Management helps us deliver results which impact your company’s operation and culture.

We can help you align your overall strategy and influence employees’ behaviour to boost performance and reach your business objectives. We help you draw up policies and systems, focus in on your vision and put everything in place to make it happen through appraisal systems, KPIs, salary mechanisms, two-way communication channels and training.

Auditing your HR Systems, Performance and Processes

We support organisations by helping them measure HR indicators through our innovative strategic approach and methodology that involves people across various levels of the organisation.

Our audit is designed in such a way that it can be tailored to cater for the needs and budgets of any organisation irrespective of size, industry and services provided. We audit data and services across HR functions, Employee Training and Development, Management Functions, as well as Inter-Departmental Relations and Effectiveness and several other key HR Metrics. The data is then transformed into a plan with high-level recommendations for management on how to take the company to higher levels of performance.

Employee Engagement Surveys

We organise highly interactive employee focus groups, brain-storming sessions in small groups or online-based surveys to help our clients get a clear picture of where they stand. We collect both quantitative and qualitative data as well as individual suggestions, coupled with our recommendations, for you to utilise as a basis for improvement.

Staff Handbooks

We can create your staff handbook from scratch or else add and improve to your existing HR policies and procedures and align these with industry best practices.

Job Evaluation and Reward Management

Together we take stock of your current HR situation and devise an action plan that ensures the delivery of client-defined results. We have created a well tested, easy to administer and forward-looking job-evaluation process.  We help you create accurate and meaningful position descriptions, define pay and benefits scales, create salary review mechanisms and establish policies that support your chosen strategy. This can also be followed up by a reward management system.

Job Descriptions

We assist companies with writing thorough job descriptions in line with role dynamics, company values and culture. We can also review existing job descriptions and recommend improvements to ensure alignment with specific requirements and other job descriptions pertaining to the company.  Most importantly we give job descriptions a broader perspective and ensuring that these feed other HR systems and methods, to add value within the bigger picture perspective.

Training Needs Analysis             

We analyse your training requirements by speaking directly to your workforce. We use a myriad of tools such as one to one meetings, focus groups, online surveys and more to understand the company’s current situation in relation to training needs vis-a-vis their long-term goals.

A training needs analysis is ideally done prior to developing a custom training programme.

Business re-Engineering

We support companies to re-engineer their business through innovation, digitalisation and operational efficiency in line with their business plans. We also help clients increase profitability through an improved customer experience by reviewing their current customer handling procedures and assessing how these can be optimised.

Public funding Schemes may be applicable to this service – please contact us for more information.

Looking for something else? We take a custom approach to every client, shapeshifting to become their best ally for business growth. Call us to discuss these or other projects you may have in mind.

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Agility, Passion, People.

Our core values are a vehicle to help us ensure we work with clients that are a great match for us and provide solid guidance for all our team members to uphold our principles across all our internal and client touch-points.

This is how we have built a great and diverse team of professionals that support our values in practice. We use these core values to tap into the pulse of our client’s requirements. This is where our skills meet our clients’ needs to create growth. We’re all about helping people and businesses grow.

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