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Your people are your business. Each person that joins your company can either strengthen your business or make it weaker. This is why it’s very important to benchmark and filter every individual that joins your team.

PRISM Job Benchmarking offers a science-backed process to clearly define high performance in a role and then use objective criteria to help determine which candidate would be the ‘best fit’. It removes any guesswork from the process of matching the most suitable candidate for your vacancy in terms of behavioural strengths, work aptitude and work environment preferences.

It is a process that goes way deeper than your usual recruitment methods. It gives you a clear far-reaching picture of which candidate is most suitable whilst defining those aspects of the position that are important for performance excellence. It is however, not designed to identify or measure a candidate’s eligibility for a role.

A reliable system to support your candidate selection process.

PRISM Job Benchmarks provide organisations with a systematic, reliable and consistent analytical framework to help business leaders make good recruitment decisions. It is not just for new employees, it can also be useful for internal promotions and anytime a business considers moving a person from one department to another — even when just changing someone’s responsibilities or tasks. It’s important to note that profiling tools, such as PRISM, should not be used independently to make a recruitment or re-deployment decision. The tool is meant to support and add value to the process not to be used by itself.

PRISM Benchmark with StreetHR

Throughout the years, we have successfully implemented PRISM benchmarking as an important part of various projects pertaining to training, coaching, recruitment, job-design or team-development and other HR projects. Our consultants and practitioners have significant experience drawing out the best value from your PRISM Benchmarks and can help you incorporate the system in your recruitment processes and strategy. Our practitioners go deeper, offering ‘HR’ and a ‘Strategic’ consultancy to enhance  the power of this particular tool

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