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Throughout the years, we have successfully implemented the use of PRISM reports as an important part of various projects pertaining to training, coaching, recruitment, job-design or team-development and other HR projects. Our consultants and practitioners have significant experience drawing out the best value from your PRISM reports and incorporating your findings to enhance your strategy. Our practitioners go beyond the ‘typical’ interpretation of the tool and offer an ‘HR’ and a ‘Strategic’ perspective to this product.

When a candidate has taken the PRISM online questionnaire, a report is provided. This report can have a varying amount of detail depending on the level of insight required. There are 3 types of PRISM reports which are the Foundation, Personal and Professional, the first being the simplest and the latter the most in-depth.

PRISM Foundation

The Foundation PRISM Report is the entry-level, yet still powerful option. It comes at the lowest investment and has the basic components of a PRISM report.  This report provides insight into the PRISM 8-Dimensional profile brain-map. It shows the underlying behavioural preferences (natural character) of the candidate. It starts with a descriptive summary and details work preference, work aptitude and work environment match, amongst other factors.

This report can be used for various reasons including to explore personal dynamics and characteristics or to match candidates to a job benchmark or even to explore strengths and potential opportunities for personal growth and development. This version is easy to upgrade to any of the other, more comprehensive reports of PRISM, at a later date.

Content of this report:

  • Underlying map (8D);
  • Introversion/Extraversion Profile
  • Dimension Key Points
  • Summary narrative
  • Work Preference report
  • Work Aptitude and Work Environment reports
  • Quadrant colour characteristics
  • Job/benchmark v Candidate comparison (optional)

Download sample report here

PRISM Personal

PRISM ‘Personal’ is the ‘second level’ version of PRISM Brain Mapping. It is an eight-dimensional instrument which not only shows the candidate’s underlying or natural behavioural preferences but also the way in which they adapt their behaviour on occasion, to suit the perceived demands of their day-to-day role.

This is a unique tool to evaluate the adaptation of the candidate’s current role and work environment. With proper guidance, it can provide valuable and unique performance-generating insights that the candidate can consider to support personal growth, self-development, adaptation and coping strategies. This version requires feedback by a Certified PRISM Practitioner and can be upgraded to the ‘Professional’ version.

Contents of this report:

  • Content of PRISM Foundation Report and
  • Consistent &/or Adapted maps (8D);
  • Full narrative;
  • Career Development Analysis.

Download sample report here

 PRISM Professional

The Professional PRISM Report is the most advanced option. It is the ultimate profiling instrument with the most comprehensive insights into behavioural and work preferences. This report dives deep into work preferences, work aptitude and work environment match. It also brings forth information about the candidate’s career development; emotional intelligence; mental toughness; and the ‘Big Five’ profile.

Apart from all the components offered within the above options, this version requires the interpretation and feedback of a Certified PRISM Practitioner.  StreetHR will base the interpretation and related feedback on the actual objectives and needs of the candidate in question. This report can be upgraded to the PRISM 360° Feedback.

Contents of this report:

  • Contents of PRISM Personal Report and
  • Emotional Intelligence report;
  • The Big Five report;
  • Mental Toughness report.

Download sample report here

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