Our Trainers

At StreetHR, our customised training programs, led by expert trainers in diverse fields, ensure tailored solutions that empower your team for success.

At StreetHR, we cultivate a dynamic learning environment by harnessing the combined expertise of our internal and external trainers. This enriches the content of each customised course, amplifying its value and creating an environment where your employees gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles, ultimately fueling your organisation’s growth and success

Moira Gatt Ghirxi
Organisational Psychology Consultant and Trainer
Scott Lee Holloway (CCXP)
Voice of the Customer
Joseph Farrugia
Founder & Director
Wayne Caruana
Psychotherapist and certified Mindfulness Coach
Dr. Vincent Marmara
Statistician and Researcher
Tony Namulo
Tony Namulo
Pia Zammit
Communication Coach
Joseph F.X. Zahra
Paul Magri
Managing Director
Dr. Gottfried Catania
Burton Baldacchino
Senior Lecturer