Building Bridges: Uniting EX and CX

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6th September 2024


My panel participation at HR GIG 5, coming in the thick of a second Covid-19 wave, was a good opportunity to transmit a message about the need for employers to place sustainability high on their business agenda. With such clear linkage emerging between pandemics and sustainability, as bankers we have a responsibility to look at the industries we are financing and practices we are promoting for a safer and healthier future. We are also well-positioned to inspire new, young talent, developing them into future leaders who will make sustainability their mainstream thinking. I found the whole mindset of HR GIG 5 to be attuned to this kind of forward-looking thinking for the good of our present and future generations.

Marcel Cassar
APS Bank plc

My first experience at HR GIG 6 brought me in contact with several practitioners in the field as well as with colleagues which I had not met in ages. The excellent organisation creates a fantastic backdrop to our reconnection and to get to know new people in the sector. The discussion was fruitful and eye-opening. Thank you HR GIG for this opportunity. Looking forward to other events.

Edel Cassar
Director, Strategy Implementation,

A versatile GIG for HR professionals and employers who want to keep up to date with current and evolving trends. Well organised and very well presented, concise and to the point. Recommend it to anyone who wants to remain current in their practice and for those who want to network with like-minded professionals.

Maria Gauci
Head of Human Resources
Comlux Aviation

This was my first time at HR GIG and I found it to be a well attended event with the possibility of meeting a lot of people from the HR world. It is very well organised and provides a good platform to discuss topical issues faced by business.

Joshua Zammit
Managing Director

Working with StreetHR on GIG 5 Empowerment – Set no limits really pushed us all to walk the talk. Planned pre-Covid-19 and delivered mid-way through the pandemic the importance and relevance of Empowerment really came to the fore. Personally speaking I thoroughly enjoyed working with like-minded professionals , speakers and organisers alike, who went to great lengths to ensure that we were all well prepared to deliver an event of the highest quality and relevance that added value to all those who attended.

Fiona Captur
Junior Achievement Young Enterprise

Each year I look forward with enthusiasm to attend the HR GIG. The level of constant professionalism and overall execution in the choice of topics discussed and speakers chosen makes it an event not to be missed!

Christine Hili
Head of HR
Rootz Limited

The event was not only highly informative, but additionally helped us to somewhat validate our own company’s employee management approach.

Hadrian Sammut
Chief Officer, Advisory & Projects
iMovo Limited