Building Bridges: Uniting EX and CX

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6th September 2024

8:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Grand Master Suite, The Hilton Malta


Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) are twin pillars shaping organisational success. A positive EX fuels employee engagement, productivity, and retention, creating a motivated workforce. In turn, an aligned CX strategy translates into satisfied customers, loyalty, and business growth. The interplay between EX and CX is a powerful synergy—happy employees deliver exceptional customer service, and satisfied customers, in return, enhance employee morale. ‘Building Bridges: Uniting EX and CX’ explores the profound impact of this connection, offering insights that CEOs, HR, and CX professionals can leverage to foster a harmonious and thriving organisational culture.

HR GIG sees CEO’s, decision makers, HR and CX professionals meeting under one roof. This provides an opportunity for discussing and exploring critical subjects to gain fresh and practical insights that can be transferred to the workplace environment.

By attending HR GIG, delegates will experience:

  • Engagement in discussions on topics that will empower your organization;

  • Exposure to new perspectives from diverse backgrounds and experiences;

  • A fun, interactive and motivational teambuilding activity;

  • Networking opportunities with CEO’s, HR professionals and decision makers;

  • Professional recognition and motivation as part of the growing HRGIG family.


HRGIG 8 energy is a great conference with a fresh perspective. My panel participation was a great opportunity to share my experience at how employee experience translates to customer experience and that employees give us the bottom line. Moreover I shared some insights on how data points are important and that to be true HR business partners, HR professionals need to think like CEOs. It was a good opportunity to connect and share insights with other professionals across roles and industry. Well done team

Christine Coleiro
FIMBank plc

I highly enjoyed the participating in this well attended conference and our panel discussion which brought up some interesting leadership insights. Well done to the team involved in the process.

Kenneth Farrugia
Chief Executive Officer
Bank of Valletta plc

HR GIG provides a unique platform to HR Professionals and all those who recognise the importance of people in their organisations. It brings a community of like minded individuals together to push forward the people agenda. It was a pleasure to be a panelist at one of the Gigs.

Mikela Fenech Pace
HR Consultant | Executive Coach | Team Coach

HRGIG is a great place to network and also discuss people challenges and organisational trends. Meeting fellow leaders and lots of HR practitioners helps me both from a professional development perspective and also because it gives time to look at organisational challenges and compare notes.

Pierre Mallia
Managing Director

We had the privilege of collaborating with HR GIG and exhibiting at the "Redefining Leadership" conference, which was a remarkable event. The conference provided a platform for inspiring speakers and insightful discussions providing a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas with industry leaders. It was a fantastic experience, and I look forward to future collaborations with HR GIG.

Ray Micallef
General Manager and Executive Director
HSF health plan (Malta) Ltd

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