How to Improve Customer Experience through Great Service

As we are sure you agree, if you want to be successful in business, it is absolutely crucial to put customers at the heart of everything you do. This ensures not just repeat business but also that customers recommend you, above everyone else, to their family and friends.

Posted on: Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Customer experience today is a critical aspect of keeping your business alive and growing, and with 73% of customers agreeing that good customer experience helps to drive them to purchase, there’s no reason not to take a good look at the way you design your customer experience. 

Here are six easy things to do when improving your customers’ experience. 

(1) Get to know the customers – both those who already frequent your business, and any new ones you want to attract

A key aspect of reinvigorating businesses is to make sure you have a steady stream of new customers alongside your regulars, and that might be something you struggle with, especially if you are in an industry with a lot of competition. However, when it comes to developing your customer experience approach, you can put yourself a step above the competition by understanding your audience. Their likes, dislikes, and pain points are all important pieces of information to keep in mind when designing your customer experience and your future offerings, so put in the time and effort to understand who your customers really are.

(2) Analyse your customer journey. 

Every organisation is going to excel and struggle at different points during the customer journey, and understanding where those points are for you serves a dual purpose: you can advertise your highs as an additional benefit or advantage over your competitors, and you can analyse the pain points and implement new routines to try and mitigate the problems your customers experience. If, for example, reaching your customer service department is difficult, you could look into implementing different channels to make it easier for customers to connect.

(3)Focus on the moments of truth and pain points that matter the most. 

You might have a lot of customer service issues that need to be addressed, but don’t go overboard in dealing with them all at once! Changing everything you’re doing while still maintaining regular hours and services is difficult, so start small by changing the most important and frustrating aspects of your customer service, the aspects that are going to matter most to your customers and immediately make an impact.

(4) Give due attention to the pain points which also affect your employees. 

Say that your customers are satisfied with your services; it doesn’t mean that there’s no work to be done! If your customer facing processes create a lot of stress for your employees, that will eventually start to bleed into your customer journey and cause dissatisfaction for your customers as well. Take a look at your processes: are they complicated? Do they take a lot of time to commit to and finish? Do your employees have any complaints or insights about your current processes? The most valuable and effective customer service department will have employees that are happy with the processes and understand the value of what they do, so don’t leave them out of the conversation.

(5) Redesign the customer journey (or journeys, if you are looking at multiple channels!)

If there’s too much to change, or it’s going to take too much time to change effectively, you may need to completely overhaul the way you do business – and this isn’t a bad thing! A lot of business developments have happened in the past ten years, so chances are you were due a redesign anyway to make better use of the new technology available. If that’s the case, keep your old processes active until you completely design the new ones. Focus on fast, effective communication between your business and the organisation, and simple processes that the employees are well-versed in. You’ll be amazed at what a big difference it makes!

(6) Involve the customer, get their feedback, and improve iteratively. 

 When it comes to customer experience, you need to keep making changes, assessing the customer journey, and redesigning certain processes every so often. This is because things change: the way we do business, the customers, the technology that is used for business, everything will eventually be completely different to how you started out – so get ahead of it. Make the customer a key aspect of your feedback cycle, and take advice from their feedback seriously. Update as, and when, needed. By keeping your customer service innovations high, you’re sure to stay at the top of your industry!


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