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In business there is no one-size-fits-all, and neither in training. We deliver customised and interactive training programmes that address your challenges and your business goals. At StreetHR we know that customisation is key to success. This is especially true in terms of training. Specific training workshops can be a great first step. However, we understand that every Company is unique and as a result, training requirements and challenges are different from one business to the other.

This is why we have developed customised training programmes that aim to transfer specific skills to the workplace, based on our areas of specialisation.

We start by spending time with you to understand the issues you face and get your perspective on how these can be resolved so that we can go deep, and outline a way forward together.

We then create a customised programme that aims to train your employees and arm them with the skills, motivation and mindset required to deliver on the company vision.

We understand that for the training to reap the rewards you seek it needs to teach as well as motivate. This is why, we focus on delivering training that engages every individual and appeals to a wide range of learning styles. Our highly experienced training professionals design training that is inclusive, fun and always rewarding.

From learning to Implementation

Our support extends beyond the training sessions. We encourage delegates to take both individual and group back-to-work actions to ensure that the skills learnt are transferred from the training room to the workplace.

StreetHR offers training on a wide range of topics including:

  • Intensive Leadership and Management programmes (that support aspiring leaders up to C-Level Management)
  • Innovation
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Human Resources
  • Soft Skills (including communication, time management, emotional intelligence, public speaking and more)
  • Professional Customer Service and much more.

To ensure our training is as effective as can be, we partner with experts in respective fields to deliver comprehensive training programmes that boasts diverse perspectives. Due to this model of working, the training content opportunities are vast.  Our approach to training does not stop at the end of the sessions; we provide regular follow-up with our clients to support execution and make sure they’re achieving their results.

You decide your level of customisation

Our tailor-made programmes are built around specifically agreed objectives and we ensure our content reflects this.

While our tailor-made training can be catered to both small or very large groups of delegates, to ensure interactivity and individual attention we suggest that training groups do not have more than 15 delegates at one go. Although we suggest a minimum of 4 hours per training session, we can decide the details together to make the training is never a hindrance to your operation. To strengthen the level of the training we combine the expertise of various internal and external trainers, picking the best people in the market to inject more value into every custom course.

We look at training as a partnership. We work with you on this long-term journey to help you achieve the team improvements you desire.

Don't take our
word for it.

We all enjoyed the training and felt it needed to refresh our mind and enhance our leadership skills level. Besides the rich and valuable content offered by Street HR, the trainers were exceptional keys to up bring subjects for improvement and to really focus on what is on our hands. All sessions were very dynamic which made the training even more interesting and engaging. I personally enjoyed it a lot! We still have a lot of work to be done, but with much more clear guidance on the path that we need to follow to increase our strengths.

Thanks to Joseph, Moira and Giosue’ we now have the tools to take a few steps further.

Barbara Guidini
Senior HR Executive

The course helped participants to acquire insight on what are the best skills to adopt to become a better leader. I was impressed at the positive feedback I acquired from the participants. They mentioned how the workshop served to learn about leadership, encouraged teamwork while making it entertaining for participants to speak out and voice their opinion. The speaker ensured that the course reflects their day-to-day workplace, and this made it intriguing. Their final feedback was, when can we have another session?

Talitha Vella
Management Associate
Malta International Airport

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