Boosts in Remote Working

With the circumstances of COVID-19 cases increasing day by day, organisations in affected countries around the world are advising their employees to work remotely, to what we call a distributed-team model.

Posted on: Friday, December 4th, 2020

The idea of remote working might be here to stay now that organisations have had to grapple with the impact that this pandemic is having on the daily operations of organisations. Flexible remote work is the new workplace revolution. COVID-19 might be seen as a global digitalisation and collaboration milestone, sooner rather than later. The impact that this pandemic is likely to leave on organisations is whether they should be considering a fully or partially remote workforce going forward. It’s paramount that leaders within organisations find ways to boost morale for their remote working teams during these difficult times.

Adjusting to temporarily work from home might be ideal for some but a challenge for others, especially if it requires a major change of routine.

This blog will shed light on how to keep the teams connected and productive with a high morale.

Structured daily check-ins

Successful remote managers can establish a daily or weekly team call with their remote employees to make sure that everyone is working collaboratively. The important aspect of this is that the calls are regular and employees know that they can consult with each other if there are any concerns.

Different communication technology options

Emails alone are insufficient to communicate collaboratively. Video conferencing tools help team members stay connected to each other, not just for work projects, but also to discuss the general organisation-wide topics and events. Some tools that offer video conferencing, video chat and screen-sharing include Skype, Slack, Zoom Meetings, and Microsoft Teams.

Team wellness check-ins

During these difficult times, it might be useful to set weekly virtual team meetings to discuss not only work-related topics but also to see how team members are doing. This is an excellent way to show support to one another and offer tips on how to stay healthy.

Opportunities for remote social interaction e.g. virtual coffee breaks

Setting up a virtual coffee break with colleagues can help them alleviate loneliness, social distancing and maintain a sense of working within a team. The key is to keep communication with colleagues alive.

Offer encouragement and emotional support

Especially in the context of an abrupt shift to remote work, it is important for managers to acknowledge stress, listen to employees’ anxieties and concerns, and empathise with their struggles. Act with empathy, not sympathy.

This is an ever changing, developing situation and corporate leaders have the ability to make all the difference during these difficult times.

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