As we are currently going through the COVID-19 pandemic we are naturally influenced by the surrounding environment and the impact of the happenings we have all been going through together since all this started. Rightly so, with many of us picking up our remaining energy and resources to continue moving forward, and we are wondering when all this will end completely, whilst hoping for a better future.

Posted on: Thursday, May 13th, 2021

HR GIG 6 is on its way! Here’s what we are so excited about

A note from our Director Joseph Farrugia.

We need to acknowledge that these are truly challenging times on a personal, organisational and global level, but what is certain is that the world will never be the same again.  From a positive perspective, the current scenario is speeding up changes that were already underway.  It would have taken us many years to get to where we have managed to arrive in aspects such as remote working, flexibility, digitalisation, cross-border collaboration and much more.  To a certain extent I feel that even from a sustainability perspective we have made leaps ahead as many managed to cut off various waste elements such as printing material, travelling, waiting time (e.g. in meetings) and the ‘positive’ list is much longer!

Since the delivery of HR GIG 5 in December 2020 (Empowerment – Set No Limits) the HR GIG committee has been meeting and evaluating the current context with a view of identifying the next theme that is relevant and adds value to the business and the HR community in Malta and beyond.  Multiple possibilities and topics were explored ranging from managing stress and well-being to managing remotely and so on.  However, then we changed direction, the tone of our language and the frequency of our thoughts, and we wanted to move away completely from this current cloud of the pandemic and instead we decided to look ahead.  We leaped forward towards the future – way too far for this pandemic to reach it!  Perhaps 2030 and beyond?

This brings about a number of questions:

  •  How will the world look at that point and how will employees and technology evolve by 2030?
  • What are the main characteristics of future generations and what changes will they bring with them to the working environment?
  • Would current generations be able to adapt to that environment, should it be completely different?
  • How will HR departments and functions evolve and what about Company culture and Leadership?
  • Are we preparing our children to become successful models of the ‘Employees of the Future’?

These numerous questions have caused us to go beyond our internal committee and explore different views and ideas from within our network. Thanks to this, we have managed to generate a number of interesting insights and possibilities that we cannot wait to share with you at HR GIG 6!

Since the topic sheds light on multiple areas, we have decided to go deeper and embark on scientific and data led research on the subject. This we hope will add more value, together with the appointment of key experts from different areas and backgrounds to bring to you informed discussions and arguments during the event.

Therefore, the idea of HR GIG 6, ‘Employees of the Future’ is to present a 360-degree perspective of this exciting and future-looking topic, with the aim of adding value and thinking proactively.  The ultimate aim is to provide back to work direction for CEOs, decision makers and HR professionals alike.

Dealing with the current pandemic conditions is critical and let us continue to do so to help each other moving out from this challenging wave successfully, but surely this is not enough.  We also need to set time to think strategically, to think ahead, to think of the future, and then to enable ourselves to take the right decisions now, today, to prepare our businesses, our people and our children for the world ahead.

Why should you join us for HR GIG 6?

HR GIG 6 will set the scene to enable us to think and reflect on this vast topic in a focused way.  It will present stories, ideas, facts, data, different perceptions and challenging views, from people with various backgrounds and with different ideas.  Similar to previous HR GIGs, it will also provide direction; one that is based on best HR and business practices for delegates to take home key messages, tools and ideas.

We look forward to you joining us for HR GIG 6 on 2nd September 2021 at The Xara Lodge in Rabat (or online if you prefer).  Join not only to listen to the speakers but if you like to also share your own experiences or thoughts in an informal setting, and network with a dynamic group of business professionals in a ‘jeans’ environment (hopefully by then we can be able to have a drink together too!).

See you very soon!

Joseph Farrugia

Founder & Director StreetHR