Meet The Malta Chamber one of our partners for HR GIG 9- Building Bridges: Uniting EX and CX

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is the independent voice of the private sector in Malta.

Posted on: Monday, June 3rd, 2024

We’re happy to share that once again we partnered with The Malta Chamber for HR GIG 9! The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is the independent voice of the private sector in Malta.

Here is what The Malta Chamber have to say about being a part of HRGIG9 – Building Bridges: Uniting EX and CX. 

Why They Chose to Partner with HR GIG: 

The Malta Chamber is proud to once again be a partner with HRGIG. With human capital being one of the 5 pillars of The Malta Chamber, this year’s HRGIG theme, ‘Building Bridges: Uniting EX and CX’ is very much in line with what The Malta Chamber is advocating for: empowering business with skilled employees who can deliver an exceptional services therefore elevating competitiveness.    

What HR GIG Means to Them:

The Malta Chamber strongly values synergy, particularly in uniting key industry stakeholders and business leaders to exchange best practices. HRGIG provides the perfect opportunities for Malta’s thriving business community to not only interact and network with like-minded people, but also engage in discussions about pertinent subjects while gaining valuable knowledge on key areas that will shape the business world of tomorrow.  

The Malta Chamber Blog:

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is the independent voice of the private sector in Malta. Its principal mission is to actively represent companies from all economic sectors and ensure that entrepreneurs enjoy the best competitive environment and regulatory conditions possible for the conduct of business. 

The Malta Chamber constantly champions the need for competitiveness enhancing measures with the pertinent authorities in Malta as well as in Brussels. For the purposes of delivering on its mission, it has a well resourced in-house policy department that engages in desk research which complements feedback generated through its internal network of vertical and horizontal policy committees for the production of policy position papers. 

The Malta Chamber is the longest established Social Partner in Malta – having been established in 1848. It is the only Employer organisation that is recognised by the Laws of Malta (Commercial Code Cap 13). As a result of its merger with the FOI in 2009, it is also the strongest represented Employer body on such national boards as the MCESD, ERB, ME, MEUSAC and others.   

Housed within its historic Exchange Buildings in Valletta, The Malta Chamber serves as a natural home for SMEs and large enterprises alike and across all business sectors. Through its active internal structures, The Malta Chamber enables effective communication across all stakeholders as well as ensuring a series of value-added services to business not least in the field of internationalisation. 

The Chamber is affiliated to Eurochambres and BusinessEurope. It is also part of the Enterprise Europe Network which enables it to offer practical value-added services to members and clients through the support of around 600 business support organisations from more than 64 countries, with the principal aim of helping small companies seize the unparalleled business opportunities in the EU Single Market. 

The Malta Chamber is certified by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority to comply with the requirements of MSA ISO 9001:2015 


Thoughts on HR GIG 9 – “Building Bridges: Uniting EX & CX”:    

HRGIG 9 offers an ideal platform for CEOs, decision-makers in HR, and CX professionals to convene and acquire insights on nurturing a cohesive and flourishing organisational culture. Aligning Employee Experience and Customer Experience is not just a strategic choice but a fundamental necessity for organisations looking to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. It creates a virtuous cycle where satisfied employees contribute to superior customer experiences, which in turn drive business success and long-term sustainability.    

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