A Great Team is Behind Every Great Business Success

At StreetHR we understand that team building has many benefits for every business. When planned in a way that fits your organisation’s personality and core values, it improves productivity and employee motivation, whilst promoting collaboration, trust and respect amongst employees.

Team building builds stronger employee relationships and a more supportive working environment.

At StreetHR we understand that bringing your employees together is key to getting your company culture and employee motivation going. When people go beyond being acquaintances and develop ‘deeper’ relationships with their colleagues, work is more enjoyable and they engage in better problem-solving within the workplace.

However, it all happens outside the office. 

Team building exercises are typically held outside of the every-day office environment to give employees a non-work context in which to interact. This new environment or situation is designed to encourage them to work together on fun and inclusive activities.

We provide two types of team building activities:

  • Indoor (training room or even remote) team building, where we create an ‘indoor’ environment which does not require physical exertion.
    Team-building sessions are designed to be fun and interactive. A high level of active participation is encouraged by our trainers. We use various methods including group work, engaging exercises, and games. Participants are often divided into groups and asked to complete activities that require different skillsets and abilities with special emphasis on collaboration.
  • Outdoor Activities
    For those who would like a different team-building experience, we partner with an external specialist to design the best experience for your business. Our knowledge of people and our partners’ organisational skills team up to create adrenaline-pumping activities that promote collaboration, engagement and interaction.

Thinking of organising a team-building activity? Let us help.

Don't take our
word for it.

We had a lovely time during the event organised by StreetHR. Their team went above and beyond what we asked for and we would highly recommend their services whenever you are looking for a couple of hours of jam-packed fun activities. Their events are ideal for team building and to get to know your colleagues a bit better outside of the work context.

Daphne Vella
Administration Officer

We loved this team building event & it was an opportunity to have some fun quality time together; I wanted to make the human side of my team shine, at least for a few hours, so that everyone can see the best and the worst in each. Even if just a glimpse, it helps to open relationships at work channels which before could have been difficult to achieve. The games helped to see who are the potential leaders, followers, and doers. I strongly recommend the StreetHR team who made this possible in a lovely venue, and with lovely people. Keep up the good work!

Chief Financial Officer
Financial Institution

StreetHR bring the business relationship to the next level in that they make you feel as a colleague rather than they the consultants and you their client. This kind of business attitude helps in addressing awkward situations in a smooth and efficient manner. Their expert advice always offers an excellent balance between the bottom line and the industrial relations of the company

Kevin Chircop
Executive Chairman
Enemed Co. Ltd

It has been a great opportunity to develop a training programme with StreetHR. Trainers understood our expectations and delivered a very comprehensive programme at a very high pedagogical standard. Programme was highly participatory and well balanced which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges. We would like to thank StreetHR for their professional services.

Chantelle Caruana
Human Resources Manager
Medserv Operations Limited

The training day, was a great experience for my team and we all are still feeling the effects. I am surprised with the participation and honesty StreetHR managed to attain from the attendees. You should be really proud of what you achieved. Thank you for listening very attentively before, in preparation for this training, but also impressively, during the training. I noted you were adapting the program and some content in real time to make best use of our energy levels and general mood. Your heart is in the right place and you clearly are sure of your WHY. Well done and thank you.

Christopher Busuttil Delbridge
Managing Director
Evolve Ltd

StreetHR’s in depth and thoroughly professional approach was exactly what we were looking for to assist in reorganisation and integration of new business within our company. StreetHR’s team experience and knowledge of their subject was an asset throughout and we are sure to use their services again.

Diana Cassar
C&C Express

We would like to express our satisfaction with the great services that StreetHR have given to us over the past year. The professional attitude towards the client was shown in all aspects of HR services and company HR development within our company. We would surely recommend you and your services to other companies. Keep up the great work!

John Ciantar
Chief Executive Officer

Agility, Passion, People.

Our Core Values are a vehicle to help us ensure we work with clients that are a great match for us and provide solid guidance for all our team members to uphold our principles across all our internal and client touch-points.

This is how we have built a great and diverse team of professionals that support our values in practice. We use these core values to tap into the pulse of our client’s requirements. This is where our skills meet our clients’ needs to create growth. We’re all about helping people and businesses grow.

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