Meet Outdoor Living Ltd one of our partners for HR GIG 9- Building Bridges: Uniting EX and CX

Outdoor Living Ltd redefines team building in Malta, combining enjoyment with innovative solutions to nurture stronger teams and create lasting memories.

Posted on: Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

We’re delighted to announce that once again Outdoor Living Ltd is one of our partners for HR GIG 9! This year, Outdoor Living Ltd will play a critical role, promising an event filled with fun and networking, as always. 

We have asked some questions to Outdoor Living, our partners, to enhance our collaboration further. 

Here is what Outdoor Living have to say about being a part of HRGIG9 – Building Bridges: Uniting EX and CX.

Why They Chose to Partner with HR GIG: 

Every year HR GIG attracts a wide range of professionals from various industries, providing an excellent platform for us to network and promote our services. In addition to this, the conference serves as a hub for sharing the latest HR trends. The knowledge we gain at the conference helps us refine our own HR practices and staying competitive 

What HR GIG Means to Them: 

At Outdoor Living, we’re dedicated to transforming our teambuilding events into unforgettable experiences, right from the very first interaction. As a customer-centric organisation, we place immense value on the journey of every individual who connects with us. We’re passionate about elevating the experience for all our customers, and hence we’re extremely looking forward to HR GIG to explore innovative ways to enhance every touchpoint, ensuring each journey with Outdoor Living is not just memorable, but also deeply impactful.  

Outdoor Living Blog:

Outdoor Living Ltd brings a fresh perspective to team building activities, blending enjoyment with innovative solutions to transform team dynamics. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to transform the way teams interact, communicate, and grow together, infusing fun into every activity. 

As the sole licensees of Catalyst Global Teambuilding products in Malta, Outdoor Living Ltd offers an unmatched selection of premium team-building activities and resources, setting us apart as leaders in the Maltese team-building industry.  

Our team of experienced professionals is passionate about crafting unique experiences that not only build stronger teams but also create lasting memories. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and creativity, ensuring that every event is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. From small groups to large corporate teams, we offer a range of activities that promote collaboration, communication, and leadership skills. 

Outdoor Living Ltd is more than just a teambuilding company; we’re a catalyst for change in the workplace, dismantling barriers, nurturing a constructive corporate culture, and unlocking teams’ highest potential. Join us in redefining the landscape of team building in Malta, where each event is not just an activity but a step towards collective excellence. 

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