Meet Shireburn one of our partners for HR GIG 9- Building Bridges: Uniting EX and CX

Shireburn engineers innovative software solutions, partnering with businesses globally for over 40 years, delivering exceptional customer experience and support.

Posted on: Thursday, April 18th, 2024

We’re happy to share that Shireburn is now our partner for HR GIG 9! Shireburn, which was established over 40 years ago, is dedicated to partnering with businesses across all industries, offering high-quality software solutions and unparalleled support. Their passion for engineering innovative technology addresses complex business challenges, making them a trusted partner for over 7,700 companies globally 

Here is what Shireburn have to say about being a part of HRGIG9 – Building Bridges: Uniting EX and CX. 

Why They Chose to Partner with HR GIG: 

At Shireburn we understand how vital HR teams are for any business. They take care of the most valuable part of any company – the people. That’s why we want to help HR teams develop happy, high-performing teams. We love to see HR teams achieve great results and help their company grow and succeed. By partnering with HR GIG, we can support the HR community, share insights, and bring new ideas and concepts to the HR world.    

What HR GIG Means to Them:

We believe that conversations and efforts around HR are becoming more important. From the many challenges we are collectively facing, we’re deriving solutions to help make inspiring changes to company culture and the employee experience. By engaging with other HR professionals, we see an opportunity to learn, create and share ideas which will elevate the role of the HR professional within our places of work. 

Shireburn Blog:

Shireburn has been partnering with businesses across all industries for over 40 years to provide high-quality software solutions. Our passion lies in the power of engineering innovative technology to solve complex business challenges. We see ourselves, not just as builders of great products, but as partners to our clients, helping them overcome their challenges through a combination of our software products and our vast experience in a variety of operational challenges.     

Our success story spans local and international markets with highly specialised solutions for HR, Payroll, Attendance Management, Punch Clocks, Accounting, Inventory Management, and POS software. The Indigo Suite is entrusted with the people management of over 7,700 companies with close to 150,000 employee licenses. That’s more than €300 million of net salary payments every month!    

Our focus is on delivering an outstanding customer experience, starting from the first touchpoint with our sales team, to implementation and ongoing support. Our support team is one of our greatest assets, because we see support as not only helping our clients solve any issues, but going a step further to provide assistance and advice. We are committed to providing the most responsive and professional support possible to ensure our clients are always assisted in case of any unexpected issues.    

Our company culture revolves around the philosophy of learning by doing, and we strive to ship new features and functionality to our clients as quickly as possible. This approach allows us to gather valuable feedback from our clients and continuously improve our products and invite our clients on the journey as collaborators in the building of our solutions.    

We invite you to learn more about Shireburn, our vision for HR, and how we can contribute products and ideas that will help you seamlessly run your HR function.   


Thoughts on HR GIG 9 – “Building Bridges: Uniting EX & CX”:    

In 2024, the idea that EX and workplace culture is a driver for true excellence in CX and company performance as a whole has been widely accepted. The question that really interests us is, how do we deliver exceptional EX? Workplaces are transforming at record speeds, new generations have very different expectations and driving factors, and technology is shifting faster than ever. In this landscape, discussions on EX need to be ongoing and given serious attention. We need to lead the way to the future of an exceptional employee experience.    


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