Top Team Challenge

StreetHR in collaboration with Outdoor Living Malta is pleased to present the ‘Top Team Challenge’ to the Maltese market!

Is your team craving a fun and interactive activity that improves team dynamics and relationships?

What about an opportunity to compete with other Companies and prove no team can beat with your team’s synergy?

This challenge does just that!

Spread over 3 sessions, teams from all across the Company will come together to compete for the opportunity to be crowned the top team!

How will it work?

Teams with a maximum of 6 participants that will come together and complete a number of challenges and activities to the best of their abilities.

To ensure variety and an added sense of satisfaction for all participants, the event will offer both online and offline challenges that will also promote CSR involvement!

These will have an allocated point system and the team with the highest score, wins!

A total of three sessions will be held. These will be divided as follows:

Session 1 – Duration: One and a half (1.5) hours

Teams will be provided with an ‘induction pack’ during the initial session, that clearly outlines the details of this programme, the challenges and respective activities with their highlighted point system. This may include additional activities that the team could do prior to the next session to gain more points, but we won’t give too much away at this stage!

Session 2 – Duration: Two (2) hours

The second session will incorporate a combination of team building and training, that will cause teams to collaborate, improve and focus on teamwork. Teams from their respective You will join to compete in a fun yet challenging virtual activity, followed by an interactive workshop that will cause you to reflect and learn, creating a sense of comradeship.

Session 3 – Duration: One (1) hour

The final and perhaps most nerve-wracking session will be the awards ceremony! StreetHR and Outdoor Living will present teams on a leader board and crown the Top Team! Towards the end of the session, delegates will be encouraged to reflect on their team’s dynamic and return to work with a new sense of positive spirit and collaboration!

If you are looking for an engaging activity that promotes teamwork, fun, community and some healthy competition then this programme is for you!

Do you think your team has what it takes? Then come put your team work to the test at the Top Team Challenge for three brief sessions of absolute fun.

This challenge caters to all levels and is open to any department that wants to de-stress and have fun!

A portion of the proceeds from this programme will go towards the Malta Trust Foundation.