HR GIG is a branded StreetHR informal event which brings together major players in the local HR community, business leaders, entrepreneurs and NGOs to tackle HR and Business related critical topics.

HR GIG 6 – Employees of the Future

HR GIG has grown from strength to strength by continuously bringing key-topics to light in an informal yet highly interactive event together with HR professionals and Business Executives. This is why StreetHR is proud to once again be hosting HR GIG 6 on the 2nd of September 2021 with what we believe is an immensely important topic – ‘Employees of the Future’.

As we are currently going through the COVID-19 pandemic we are naturally influenced by the surrounding environment and the impact of the happenings we have all been going through together since all this started. Rightly so, with many of us picking up our remaining energy and resources to continue moving forward, and we are wondering when all this will end completely, whilst hoping for a better future.

We need to acknowledge that these are truly challenging times on a personal, organisational and global level, but what is certain is that the world will never be the same again.  From a positive perspective, the current scenario is speeding up changes that were already underway.  It would have taken us many years to get to where we have managed to arrive in aspects such as remote working, flexibility, digitalisation, cross-border collaboration and much more.  To a certain extent I feel that even from a sustainability perspective we have made leaps ahead as many managed to cut off various waste elements such as printing material, travelling, waiting time (e.g. in meetings) and the ‘positive’ list is much longer!

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Professor Alexei Dingli – Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Malta

Prof Alexiei Dingli is a professor of AI at the University of Malta, who’s work has been rated World Class by international experts, winning him several local and international awards.

His work on AI has spanned over two decades, allowing him to assist different companies to implement AI solutions. Prof. Alexei Dingli will be providing an interesting perspective to our topic at HR GIG 6, bringing his experience in AI to light.


Tamas Banyai – Chief Executive Officer at Epic

We are thrilled to confirm Tamas Banyai, the CEO of Epic Communications Limited in Malta as one of the speakers for the event.

Tamas has been working with the company since 2014 and has been leading their transformation since April 2020 to deliver on Epic’s promise of Great Network and Great Value. Tamas will be offering an interesting CEO perspective to our topic and the importance of company culture and innovation.


Corinne Fenech – Strategic Partner at StreetHR and Founder at TinkTings

 Through her years of experience, Corinne will bring insights into the ‘Employees of the Future’ from an academic and practical perspective.

Corinne believes that whilst advocating for better education, we should make the future of work accessible to everyone irrespective of their education or background, because the future does not belong to a selected few, but to everyone.


Zach Ciappara – Founder and Chief Executive Officer at FreeHour Malta

Zach set up the business in 2017 as Malta’s go-to student app and is now running a 15+ team making it the largest student and youth platform in Malta, while expanding to the Italian market!

As a young entrepreneur and business executive, Zach will add an interesting take to our topic ‘Employees of the Future’ and will shed light on his successes along the years.


Rachael Blackburn – Head of Culture at APS Bank plc

Having been specialised in Change Management and now, focused on cultivating culture at the Bank in synergy with its purpose, Rachael will be adding key insights to our topic ‘Employees of the Future’ through her 20 year international and local expertise.



Dr. Gordon Cordina – Executive Director at E-Cubed Consultants Limited

As a leading economist in the Maltese Islands with his experience spanning over 25 years in banking, policy-making, academia and private sector consultancy, Gordon will be adding much needed insights to our topic ‘Employees of the Future’.

His work has included several years of Board and Risk Committee experience together with strategic positions at the NSO, Central Bank and the educational sector. Having his own private consultancy firm, Gordon is involved in a number of local and international research projects.

Edel Cassar – Director Strategy Implementation at MCAST

An educator by profession, Edel has worked in a number of EU projects and Educational Management and was pivotal in driving the recognition, validation and accreditation of further and higher education in Malta.

Now spearheading the Strategy Development of the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, Edel will offer an interesting perspective to our topic that will highlight the importance of our educational system in the future.


Panel Moderator

Keith Demicoli – Head of Communications and Business Development at the Malta Chamber of Commerce

Keith Demicoli is a multi-award-winning presenter and journalist and is known as one of Malta’s most popular broadcasters and communicatiors.

Keith joined the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry as their Head of Communications and Business Development and will be moderating our panel at HR GIG 6.


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