Meet HR GIG 9 Speaker; Georgina Shaw, Executive Coach, HR Consultant & Trainer

HR leader with 14+ years in Global Retail, excels in team cultivation, strategic people management, and fostering aligned culture for commercial success.

Posted on: Monday, June 3rd, 2024

Georgina Shaw with over 14 years of experience across various HR specialisms, the individual has primarily focused on leading and cultivating international teams and leaders for an award-winning Global Retail business. 

Beginning as a part-time sales advisor in 2009, the individual transitioned into an HR career after developing a keen interest in the correlation between people management and commercial success. This journey commenced with training CX teams during a management internship to enhance productivity. Subsequently, roles encompassed managing recruitment and talent, overseeing learning and development, HR business partnering, and assuming a position on the digital board as the Director of People and Culture. 

Having directly witnessed the impact of culture on every level of the organisation, the individual specialises in interventions seamlessly aligned with business objectives. Experience now extends across retail, digital, head office, and manufacturing sectors. 

Having led teams across Europe, Asia, and North America, the individual thrives on integrating diverse perspectives to devise innovative solutions. 

Guided by a commitment to unleashing human potential, the individual brings to their work a positive outlook and a belief in endless possibilities. Their approach to life and leadership is rooted in sustainable growth. 

Insights from Georgina in our Q&A session:

What inspired you to join your profession?  

Seeing how much of a difference a well informed and passionate team can make in reality, and seeing that translate into figures. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to CEO’s & HR professionals looking to improve the employee experience?

Let the workplace be a place of unity for your purpose and support for each other. Life outside of work is hard enough. Division is everywhere. Leaders can set the tone for how people bring their hearts and minds to work. If there is psychological safety at work, everything else runs more smoothly. 

How do you personally stay motivated and engaged in your workplace?

Change motivates me; I like to learn new things. I’m also most engaged when I know the work I’m doing has an impact on individual, organisational and/or societal level.   

Can you share a memorable experience from your career that has shaped your approach to EX/CX? 

I was repurposed into a new role after a lengthy restructure that had lacked clarity. A new business partner was brought in to discuss final steps. The conversation to discuss the new opportunity was managed with the perfect balance of honesty, openness and transparency about the current reality. I was promised very little, because there was little to promise in terms of certainty, however the candid adult approach left me feeling professionally respected enough to work things out on my own. That new job was the turning point in my career! Seeing honesty and kindness work so well together set the foundation for many conversations I’ve had since. 

Can you share a book, quote, or idea that has had a profound impact on your career? 

I love “Presence” by Patsy Rodenburg, a book about connecting with others and how our human energy affects our relationships. A great book to remind us to stay truly connected in the here and now when life is full of distractions!

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