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Welcome to the future of recruitment in Malta. Headliners is a job site unlike any you've seen before. Below you'll find a selection of vetted, specialised professionals who are open to new opportunities. They are generally highly experienced and qualified individuals in their respective fields. They’re Headliners.

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Headliners are established, employed professionals who you won't find on ordinary job sites. Because our recruitment portal ensures total anonymity, they are free to find opportunities on Headliners. Once you express interest in a candidate, we'll contact the Headliner directly. Salary expectations are published up front and all candidates are thoroughly vetted, keeping back and forth communication to a minimum.


A driven leader with notable background in financial services.

Currently occupying the role of COO, this candidate is responsible for compliance and regulatory related matters, co-ordinating internal matters, updating and implementing company… continue reading

General Manager & Head of Finance

A Warranted Accountant & Auditor with An Impressive Senior Management Professional Background

Initially building an audit career within both a Big Four and Top Ten accounting firm, this candidate currently occupies the role of Head… continue reading

HR Manager / Operations Manager

A diverse background in both human resources and operations.

This candidate has experience in managing the end-to-end recruitment process, designing role profiles, conducting performance appraisals, and leading collective agreement negotiations. He/she excels… continue reading

Senior Manager

Sales and operations specialist who enjoys inspiring teams.

This professional has extensive experience in sales, customer retention, and people and operations. He/she has developed innovative sales plans to drive business growth while… continue reading

Chief Executive Officer

A Candidate with a strong background in Senior Management

A Chartered Marketer who has accumulated over 30 years of work experience across family-owned businesses and his own firm. Successful in transforming companies… continue reading

Operations / Logistics / Purchasing Manager

Dedicated professional with a holistic view of the business to make it more efficient

This candidate is talented in efficiency planning, cost reduction, budget control, and has outstanding problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Their vast skills and… continue reading

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