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Welcome to the future of recruitment in Malta. Headliners is a job site unlike any you've seen before. Below you'll find a selection of vetted, specialised professionals who are open to new opportunities. They are generally highly experienced and qualified individuals in their respective fields. They’re Headliners.

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Headliners are established, employed professionals who you won't find on ordinary job sites. Because our recruitment portal ensures total anonymity, they are free to find opportunities on Headliners. Once you express interest in a candidate, we'll contact the Headliner directly. Salary expectations are published up front and all candidates are thoroughly vetted, keeping back and forth communication to a minimum.

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

A Professional with Drive and a Dynamic Attitude

This candidate is result driven with extensive experience in facilitating all aspects of talent acquisition and recruitment. They possess a wide range of knowledge… continue reading

Human Resources/Project Manager

A natural leader with a background in project management and human resources

A mature, self-motivated, and accomplished leader with experience in managing public and private organisations, who always puts people at the core of all… continue reading

HR Manager

HR Professional with a demonstrated history working within a complex business environment.

This candidate is a HR professional with a vast amount of experience working as a HR Manager and have covered the full range… continue reading

Payroll Specialist

Specialist in different payroll systems

A payroll specialist with a strong background in working with a variety of payroll systems, including SAP. Payroll experience within several companies, also… continue reading

Group HR Manager

An HR leader with work experience within a variety of industries.

A result-driven HR professional with experience managing a fully-fledged HR function with best-in-class HR practices. Strong leadership quality with over 10 years of… continue reading

HR Manager

HR Manager with experience within the Gaming industry

A friendly and down-to-earth HR professional with many years of experience working within senior positions. Areas of expertise include talent acquisition, employee relations,… continue reading

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