5 Tips to Improve Your Performance at Work

Everyone can have a slow couple of days at work, but if it happens to you when you’re extra busy, it can be a big problem that can not only push your day off track but can also mean you’re scrambling to keep up far after that one day has passed. Additionally, if you work in an industry where your performance is tied to your pay, an unproductive day can mean the difference between a good bonus and basic pay.

Posted on: Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

No matter what side of the productivity scale you fall on, maintaining high levels of productivity during the working day is important. Here are five ways that you can boost your productivity for a fuller, more satisfying work day.

Organise, plan, prioritise.

It goes without saying that for a day to be productive, you need to know what to work on first. Take some time at the beginning of each day to organise your work tasks into categories, plan out your day, and prioritise the work that is most important. If several tasks need to be finished by the end of that day, make sure to prioritise those first and rank them in order of importance.

Communicate effectively

A lot of companies have moved to working remotely or to working in hybrid set-ups. As a result, communication practices have changed, and for some, they have not changed for the better. Digital messages can quickly become overwhelming, or can be easily missed or misinterpreted, and for companies who work fully remotely, it can be a very big challenge to overcome.

Learning how to communicate effectively is a very important life skill for any employee, but it takes on a new facet when employees are working remotely. Make sure that what you say is to the point and easy to understand, and most importantly, that it keeps everyone working on a certain task in the loop.

Acknowledge weak spots

You are not going to be good at everything, and that’s just a fact. However, whatever weak spots you have – be it in communication, in staying focused, or in keeping your colleagues in the loop when they’re working with you – should be worked on. This isn’t a failure on your part: often, it is difficult to identify where your weaknesses are until you are actually in the middle of a particular situation, but once you identify what’s derailing your day, it’ll be a lot easier to find a way of working around your weaknesses.

Rethink ineffective ways of working

Some of the ways we learn to work are not very effective, and they are even worse in a digital environment. Addressing the ways you work and making changes as necessary will go a long way towards clearing up any bottlenecks in your work day. For example, are you prone to waiting for hours for feedback when you can just move on to a different task? Feedback in a remote working environment can take a little longer to get, so it might be easier to learn how to move from task to task in order to maximise your output, and go back and tweak as necessary. Additionally, maybe there are tasks that you engage in that are no longer necessary. Our recommendation: take some time to look at your task list and prioritise what can be removed from your daily routine.

Take regular training sessions

No matter how skilled you are at your work, there might be an even better way of doing things, one that you won’t discover until you take on different training. If your workplace offers training sessions – whether or not they’re in the field of study you work in – we recommend that you take part in every one that you can. Education is always beneficial.

Got another productivity tip we’ve missed out on? Want to share the way you make productivity your goal? Drop us a line and tell us all about it! And if you need someone to help you get your most productive self out there, we’re happy to help!